Saturday, October 15, 2016

Enjoy this delightful compilation of household items that sound like Chewbacca

Remember Chewbacca drawer

Well, there are a lot more household items that sound like Chewbacca out there. They've steadily appeared on the internet through the ages and they're ready to confuse you.

Behold a compilation of items that remind us so much of our beloved Wookiee friend that we're wondering whether the Force is somehow involved.

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Haunting death masks record the faces of the departed

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911).

Image: Imagno/Getty Images

While decorative funeral masks have been used to adorn the dead since ancient times, from those gracing Tutankhamen to Agamemnon, death masks record the very contours of a person's face at the time of their death.

Ancient sculpted masks were supplanted in the late Middle Ages by true death masks, which are created by making a wax or plaster cast of a person's face shortly after their death.

Death masks were made to preserve the visages of royal and otherwise notable people, from kings and conquerors to authors, composers and poets.

The haunting likenesses could then be used to create a sculpture or portrait, aid the scientific study of physiognomy or even help loved ones identify a body. Read more...

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